Heel Tastic Review

Our sister site Cool TV Offers just did a review of Heel Tastic, so we thought we’d tell you about that. But in addition, we thought we’d compliment their review by reposting a video review of Heel Tastic that shows before and after shots of the reviewers feet. Thanks to Fox 17 news for this.

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HeelTastic – 100% Natural and Safe for Dry Skin

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Suffering from extremely dried and cracked heels and elbows is uncomfortable, and for some, painful, a problem that millions of people around the world have. HeelTastic is a relatively new product being sold, one getting a lot of positive attention. The formula is natural and organic, making the cream not just safe but highly effective. People that have tried this cream daily see a visible improvement in less than one week.

The primary difference between HeelTastic and other dry skin products is that most standard products work only on the surface, which leaves deeper skin remains thick and callused. However, HeelTastic is designed to penetrate into the tissue so healing starts deep, working from root tissue all the way to the surface. Because of this, the entire affected area improves.

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Creating Smooth and Healthy Skin with HeelTastic

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Some people have dry skin naturally but during the wintertime, this problem is something that both men and women face. In addition to being unsightly, dry, scaly skin is irritating and in severe cases, the cracks can become so bad they begin to bleed, which increases risk of infection. HeelTastic is formulated specifically for heels but it also works great on elbows, smoothing skin in very little time.

HeelTastic is a unique product for a number of reasons. For instance, this soothing cream actually contains antifungal and antibacterial oils so if dryness were the result of either, the cream would not only soothe and smooth the skin but also fight the fungus or bacteria as the underlying problem. Additionally, HeelTastic is different from other products on the market in that results are typically seen within just a few days.

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Heel Tastic – Your Solution To Better Feet

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Sometimes dry, flaky, crusty things are acceptable. For instance, one would not think twice about, nor cringe at the sight of the rough, scaly skin of an Iguana, Snake, Lizard, or another Reptile, but unfortunately (or fortunately, depending upon how you look at it) humans are held to a slightly different – higher – standard.

Heel Tastic aims to moisturize your feet & elbows:

  • Contains Anti-Fungal and Anti-Bacterial Oils – Neem & Karanja.
  • Consumers claim to see measurable results in just days, not weeks.
  • Use on both your elbows, knees, and heels.
  • Moisturizes and heals the huge, trench-like cracks that plague your feet.

HeelTastic is one of the many dry foot balms available on the market today. This Heel Stick contains Neem and Karanja oils that are found in India and known to soothe the skin and also act as antifungal and antibacterial agents. Heel Tastic (formerly known as Heel Stick) is a foot balm that aims to turn your dry, flaky, leathery, lizard-skin feet into smooth, pain-free feet. [Read more…]

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HeelTastic – Get Sexy Feet Today!

Dry, Flakey feet are yucky! Heel Tastic is the solution You have been searching for. Put down your power sanders and order Heel Tastic! You will have smoothe heels in no time. Do yourself a favor. Learn more about Heel Tastic here. Or watch the Heel Tastic Video.

Say goodbye to those problems of the past with the new miracle roll on balm formulated especially for chronic cracked dry skin. Your skin will feel smoother and softer than you’ve ever imagined and you’ll see amazing results in days not weeks or months. Heeltastic contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial oils, as well as skin moisturizers, and special nutrients specifically formulated for promoting healthy skin. Heeltastic is gentle enough to use several times a day. So get baby soft feet now and get rid of cracked heels with Heeltastic.

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